NerusBot officially dropped support for Windows 7/8/8.1

NerusBot has officially dropped support (yes, again) for Windows 7/8/8.1 and it's respective server builds, it is not possible to use the bot on these versions.

Latest NerusBot Changelogs

Posted by Developer on 2022-04-28

Older NerusBot Changelogs

Added El Dorado Task.
Added Collected Chests stats.
Adjusted Switches to enable tasks are now in Account Settings tab.

Fixed Account limit for 1 Year licenses.
Adjusted Security for auto updater & watson.

Fixed Lifetime limits for Sentinel.

Fixed Issue with 'Login all' & 'Teleport all' buttons.
Fixed A crash when adding/removing a sentinel ship in a separate nerus instance.

Added Sentinel limit had a little work around, this has been fixed.
Added Expiration dates for AT and ST in their respective tabs.
Added NPC spawn notification filter in NPC Killer tab.
Fixed A bug with textboxes typing from right to left.


User Friendly

Unique Style

Unlimited instances

  • On demand HWID Resets
  • Special Discord Server Role
  • Access to all non-special NerusBot features
  • Early BETA access to any future updates


We offer a fully functional 48 hours trial upon first login of a new registered account. Accounts are PCUID bound and users cannot use multiple NerusBot accounts on the same PCUID without a Server License.

Please install: and reboot ur PC and try again, if that didnt work try to check ur Antivirus' quarantine. This should fix the issue. If not download the latest version from the Downloads page.

Check ur AV and/or Firewall, also be aware not to press Login twice within 10s, our server will block the second request causing that error.

We hate updates too! So we added an auto-game-updater, u will get notified in #nerusdev-changelogs if a auto-game-update is done, usually within 8-10 min after restart announcement.

Most likely ur Nerus Titanium Proxy Certificates are broken, go to Settings => Account and press "Trust Cert."

By requesting a password reset, this will send u an email to the email u registered with containing the username and a link to set a new password, which is only valid for 24 hours after the request. Unused reset links will be deleted automatically after expiring.

Open Task manager, close all NerusBot Processes and CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe processes, then click Retry.

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