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NerusCore is online!

NerusCore is back and fully operational, features including Collector Task, NPC Killer Task, Monster Killer Task, Captain System, NPC Radar, NPC Spawn Radar, Avoid Island, Safehaven Detection, Bonusmap Task, Auto Shootback, Item usage etc. Please take a moment and try the 48h free trial!

Important update for NerusCore Launcher

NerusCore Launcher was released on Saturday 4th of February at 01:13:37 AM!
This update brought some significant feature updates and fixes, this update is mandatory as older versions will not work.

To get the new version head to our download page.
To read what changed in the new version head to our discord server and check the changelogs channel.


User Friendly

Unlimited instances

Windows 10 & 11 compatible

  • On demand HWID Resets
  • Special Discord Server Role
  • Access to all non-special NerusBot features
  • Early BETA access to any future updates


We offer a fully functional 48 hours trial upon first login of a new registered account. Accounts are PCUID bound and users cannot use multiple NerusBot accounts on the same PCUID without a Server License.

Download https://www.techpowerup.com/download/visual-c-redistributable-runtime-package-all-in-one/ and run the 'install_all.bat' as Administrator, after that run the bot again, if that didn't fix it, make sure DirectX 12 is installed.

Most common cause is a Windows users folder name with special characters, even after changing the Windows username u still need to fix the User directory of the Windows user, u can do this by following the tutorial over at https://nerdschalk.com/how-to-change-user-folder-name-in-windows-10/ (This tutorial will also work for Windows 11)

Make sure there's no software that messes with local connections, or software that actively closes these connections. We do not know what software does this on ur machine, but it usually is AVG/Avast/Kaspersky anti virus. (Disabling these or adding nerus as a exception is usually not enough, uninstall is required sadly)

Auto shootback will instantly attack anyone who attacks u, this task will have priority over everything else, this task can also be ran passively while playing (Bot doesn't have to be started for this to work)

Yes this is called "Diminishing Returns" and can be setup under the "Diminishing Return"-tab in the bot, this task is always active and cannot be disabled for obvious reasons.

Yes! And u can now also view which hotkeys are available for u, and what they do in the bot itself by clicking on 'Hotkey Information' in the bottom navbar.

This is because our UI feels very important and won't let go of focus, so we had to hide it while u use anything in the game in which u can type. Although this also allows u to record gameplay in NerusCore without the navbar being visible by just leaving the Spy window open somewhere.

NLR Modus is short for Nerus Low Resource Modus, this will lower CPU usage (and RAM to a certain extent) while enabled, so u can continue to do ur daily things and NerusCore will not interrupt or hinder u by eating up all ur PC's resources.

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