Important update for NerusCore Launcher

NerusCore Launcher was released on Saturday 30th of September at 02:07:52 PM!
This update brought some significant feature updates and fixes, this update is mandatory as older versions will not work.

To get the new version head to our download page.
To read what changed in the new version head to our discord server and check the changelogs channel.

NerusCore is online and undetected!

Latest update fixed a wide variety of issues and more, please check the #🔰᲼▏𝖴pdate᲼𝖧istory channel in our discord!

We've got what you need!

NerusCore has everything you'll need to build, and keep your accounts up-to-par, never slack again and always have plenty of resources available.
We also have features to ensure you'll dominate the competition at every turn!

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We ship updates and fixes as soon as possible.

Keeping an eye on safety

We update dependencies and keep an eye on changes to ensure maximum safety of our users!

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For degens by degens <'3

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